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Unit 7: Taxi and Private Hire: Transport Luggage and Parcels

Unit title: Taxi and Private Hire: Transport Luggage and Parcels
Unit level: SCQF level 5
Credit: 0.25
SQA Unit code: J1GF 45

Unit purpose

The purpose of this unit is to give drivers, vehicle owners and related staff the essential knowledge to safely and efficiently transport luggage and parcels all within the legal framework of customers rights, licensing conditions and the statutory Acts of Parliament.

This unit is suitable for candidates who currently work or are considering working in the taxi and private hire industry.

This unit outlines the responsibilities placed on drivers who transport customers’ luggage. It also refers to ‘courier work’ and the safeguards regarding insurance, package details and tracing paperwork.

Safety is paramount and the driver must be physically fit or have the appropriate exemption in place. There is reference to the Manual Handling Regulations 1992 and the Accident Book.

Drivers must be aware of the criminality of transporting goods that the duty has not been paid on or inadvertently assisting in drug trafficking where ‘drug mules’ are hiring public transport to ferry drugs to cross-country locations.

The unit details relevant regulations and insurance, including ‘duty of care’ and vicarious liability.

Finally, the unit looks at lost property and the responsibility of the driver to adhere to their licence conditions on returning lost property.