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Unit 2: Taxi and Private Hire: Safely Transport Passengers

Unit Title: Taxi and Private Hire: Safely Transport Passengers
Unit level: SCQF level 5
Credit: 0.25
SQA Unit code: J1GA 45

Unit purpose

The purpose of this unit is to give drivers, vehicle owners and related staff essential knowledge on how to safely transport passengers to meet requirements of customers, the licensing authority and the statutory Acts of Parliament.

This unit is suitable for candidates who currently work or are considering working in the taxi and private hire industry.
This unit is designed to inform and assist drivers in carrying out their driving duties in a safe and responsible manner.

The unit emphasises the need for the driver to prepare for the unpredictable, hazardous, stressful and tiring environment that taxi and private hire drivers have to contend with. This includes planned rest breaks, circulating fresh air and dealing with long hours and accompanying fatigue.

Drivers have to be medically fit and subject themselves to medicals and eyesight tests to prove fitness to drive. The driver will be expected to recognise the various ailments associated with the Group 2 medical and the consequences of failing to inform the licensing authorities of a notifiable condition.

Maintaining judgement and concentration through a long working shift is difficult, drivers have to be particularly wary of traffic violations, dual tasking and a failure to hazard spot.

Drivers have to know the current seat belt law as they have a duty to ensure their passengers are belted up, this is particularly important where they are involved in the transport of schoolchildren.

Many licensing authorities require prospective drivers to undertake a driving assessment. To give a perspective on defensive driving the unit details hazard perception using the acronym TUG (Take information — Use the information — Give information). Drivers will be expected to know stopping distances, speed limits and driving for efficiency