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Unit 4: Taxi and Private Hire: Maintain the Safety of the Licensed Vehicle

Unit title: Taxi and Private Hire: Maintain the Safety of the Licensed Vehicle
Unit level: SCQF level 5
Credit: 0.5
SQA Unit code: J1GC 45

Private Hire and Taxi

Unit purpose

The purpose of this unit is to give drivers, vehicle owners and related staff the essential knowledge to maintain the safety of the licensed vehicle thereby meeting the conditions required by customers, the licensing authority and the statutory Acts of Parliament.

This unit is suitable for candidates who currently work or are considering working in the taxi and private hire industry.

Every licensing authority has a responsibility to ensure that the public has access to safe and well-maintained taxis and private hire vehicles. Most drivers, vehicle owners and booking offices understand the importance of presenting a clean and well-maintained vehicle to prospective customers.

The unit details how licensing authorities have a duty to reduce city centre vehicle pollution levels to minimise potential impacts on public health.
Vehicle safety for passengers is paramount, therefore the unit covers everyday driver maintenance and the DVSA statutory inspections both regular and ad-hoc. The unit also outlines the codes and penalties that the DVSA use to penalise vehicle owners for vehicles that are deemed unroadworthy.

The unit also provides information on compliance issues including critical systems, vehicle monitoring systems and the tyre laws.