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Unit 6: Taxi and Private Hire: Plan Routes and Fares

Unit title: Taxi and Private Hire: Plan Routes and Fares
Unit level: SCQF level 5
Credit: 0.25
SQA Unit code: J1GE 45

Unit purpose

The purpose of this unit is to give drivers, vehicle owners and related staff the essential knowledge to plan routes and fares thereby meeting the conditions required by customers, the licensing authority and the statutory Acts of Parliament.

This unit is suitable for candidates who currently in work or are considering working in the taxi and private hire industry.

Passengers who opt for a taxi or private hire journey are looking for a safe and comfortable journey at a fair and reasonable price. As part of their licensing conditions, journeys have to be made by the most direct route available, unless the passenger requests otherwise.

Prolonging journeys or taking what is described as a devious route could raise a complaint by the passenger and the driver may face a licensing board and possible suspension.

This unit is about how to ensure routes are planned and executed using a variety of tools at the driver’s disposal including ‘the knowledge’, map reading, internet maps and satellite navigation.

The unit describes the advances in cloud-based systems that have provided customers, booking offices and drivers with the technology to download applications linking customers directly with drivers or booking offices.
Part of the unit describes the discretionary parking rules that apply when picking up and setting down passengers, this is particularly the case where wheelchair passengers will require more time to enter and leave the vehicle via a ramp or swivel seat.

The unit also describes the function of the taximeter, how it operates and how the fare is calculated. It also provides important information on private hire agreements outside of the licensing boundary, in particular it emphasises the legal safeguards that are in place to protect the passenger if disputes arise over overcharging.